Women In Business Expo Recap

Article by: @glambyshey

Published: March 27, 2019

I had the honor of being invited to the first Women in Business Expo on Sunday! This event was a great way for small female business owners to talk about their products and services best of all to interact with other business owners. I will share some of the Women I met at the expo and their businesses. I even had the pleasure of meeting a 15- year- old entrepreneur who at the age of 12 started her business!!! But first I want to tell you about the organizers of the Expo, Aisha, Shavonne and Julie.

These 3 Women are behind “Women Who Network”! I met them back in December when they hosted a Meet and Greet Brunch at City Perch. They have known each other for more than a decade and grew up in White Plains, NY. After hosting many successful events such as “Business and Cocktails” Mommy and Me brunches” they decided to create an official partnership and call it “Women Who Network”. Women Who Network hosts events and workshops to support local entrepreneurs, small business owners to interact as a way to expand and grow their business. This is such a great thing to come to Westchester because as much as I like Instagram and other social media platforms, there is nothing like connecting IRL. This is also exciting because Westchester, just like NYC has so many talented people and now there is a platform to build on without the train ride to Grand Central!

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