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Karla Crespo is the creator + owner of the GratefulHeart Co. As an empowerment coach + motivational speaker she uses tools such as Reiki, Reflexology and live events to spread her impactful message of building community.

Karla created the Share Your Voice Movement as a way to bring women together to share their story of their personal journey whether it be to own their own business, step into a new role in their personal life or simply to heal from past traumas. The Share Your Voice events are uplifting + inspiring as you hear the stories of these courageous women who made choices to go inward and ignite their resiliency and are now in place to share their gifts and be of service.

Karla at one point may years ago felt alone and was unable to share some hardships out of fear of judgement, shame and embarrassment leading ultimately to over a decade of remaining silent and crying behind closed doors. Little by little she began her healing journey and found her mission to help women use the most powerful tool they have which is to speak their truth and share their voice!

The GratefulHeart Co. will be hosting their next Share Your Voice Movement this Saturday, June 1st from 9:30 – 4pm, located in Rye, NY. Get your tickets here!

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