About Women Who Network

Women Who Network Biography

Aisha Sutton:

Is a 33-year-old mother to a 9-year-old girl, Madisyn.  Aisha currently works as a Community Manager at Carr Workplaces, a shared office space in Harrison, NY.  Aisha graduated from WPHS in 2003 and attended college in Orlando, FL majoring in Accounting. Aisha enjoys spending time with her family and in her spare time being a “momager” to her daughter, who currently stars as a co-host for the “Kids Chat Show”.

Julie Auguste-Brice:

Is a 33-year-old, wife and mother of 3 boys, Jai’Lin, Noah and Harrison.  Julie currently works as a Teaching Assistant for Southern Westchester BOCES. Julie graduated from White Plains High School in 2003. She attended the College of Westchester, where she received her degree in Business Management. Julie enjoys spending time with her family and in her spare time attending and planning networking events. 


Shavonne Loney:

Is a 30-year-old, wife and mother to Timothy Jr. who she calls TJ.  Shavonne currently works as a Patient Financial Representative at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, NY.  Shavonne graduated from WPHS in 2006 and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree at the College of Westchester, majoring in Healthcare Services Administration.  Shavonne enjoys spending time with her family and managing a new small business she recently started called Gifted Life on Wheels (G.L.O.W) which was inspired by her son TJ who has Cerebral Palsy.

Aisha, Julie and Shavonne have known each other for over a decade; going to school and growing up in White Plains, NY.  They have worked together hosting events such as the Mommy and Me Brunches, Comedy Shows and Business Warming parties. Due to the success of their latest event “Business and Cocktails” (The Business Warming Party) they’ve decided to make it an official partnership, which then became “Women Who Network”.


Who is Women Who Network?

Women Who Network is a small group of women who plan and host DOPE networking events in Westchester, NY. We create an environment where entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those who want to turn a hobby into a business can interface effectively on a professional platform.  Our events and workshops are designed to bring Westchester's community together to connect with each other on a supportive and motivational level. Women Who Network acknowledges the creative talent here in Westchester and want people to know they exist. Local business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes give up because they don’t have a support system.  They don’t have the community to build them up and help them grow.  Our vision is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners receive proper funding to start their businesses.  With the help from sponsors and the community, their business will grow allowing others to use the resources here in Westchester.  New York City is known for “the place to be” when wanting to network, meet new people, expand their brand, and meet empowered men/women. Instead of going to the city, Women Who Network is bringing NYC to Westchester!

Having a well-established network has become an important part of our lives. The easiest way to expand your network is to build on the relationships with people you know; family,friends, classmates, colleagues and the community.

Our Mission

To plan and host networking events for entrepreneurs and small business owners in 

Westchester, NY. 

Our Vision

To provide a platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners by way of network mixers and business expo's; as well as providing assistance with obtaining sponsorship and getting support from the community in hopes their business will continue to grow.

1.   Strength business connections

2.   Get fresh ideas

3.   Advance your career

4.   Get access to job opportunities

5.   Interconnected business contacts = more knowledge

6.   Get career advice and support

7.   Build confidence

8.   Gain a different perspective

9.   Develop long-lasting personal relationships

10. Get an answer to every question

11. Find a job you love

Attend our networking events and take advantage of all of these benefits and more.

Benefits of Networking


"Empowered women, who make it happen"

-Women Who Network                                    

Satisfaction Reviews

"I participated as a Swag Bag sponsor and raffled off a service at The Business and cocktails networking event.  My sales increased by 20 percent! I will continue to attend and support Women Who Network."

-Jasmeena Melendez 

Meena's Pop Up Shop

"We partnered with Women Who Network
 for a Business Warming Party thrown for a local
upcoming Professional. From there, other event planners contacted us for our products and services and booked us for NYFW 2019."

-Trena Joseph
3rd Shift Bartenders

"You ladies did an amazing job with the services you provided, especially the swag bags, which I thought were awesome.  It was truly a pleasure working with your organization and I look forward to more collaborations in the future, including an even bigger and better young women’s conference next year. Now that we have the blueprint, we can hopefully elevate the conference to new heights. I would still love to have you ladies come in during the fall to talk to our girls during one of our meetings. Thank you again for all of your efforts! I truly look forward to working with you ladies again."


 -Kelley Gordon-Minott

Carver Center  |  Learning Team Program Director

We Need Your Support Today!

"Thank you for asking me to be the guest speaker at the first NIA Conference at the Carver Center last weekend. Also, thank you for the lovely gift bag. I love the cake pops! It was truly an honor and a pleasure to participate. I wish I could have stayed for the entire event. I heard it went very well so congrats and keep up the good work! I look forward to working collaboratively with you ladies in the future."


 -Shanae V. Williams

Office of the Yonkers City Council

Council Member- District 1